What I’m Reading…

My non-fiction book of the week is… To be honest, I was a little leary about reading a book promoting being single. However, I highly recommend this book to anyone. So, I’m about halfway through right now, and this book is fantastic! Kim has a lot of insight into how we sabotage ourselves and ourContinue reading “What I’m Reading…”

“The Visitor” – Short Story

Happy Saturday, dear readers! I’m excited to share another day with you. Today, I want to share another short story from my microburst assignments. This one is Young Adult and a bit dystopian. Let me know what you think! The Visitor By Cathy Marie Bown Being dead felt amazing, Lorelei thought as she looked outContinue reading ““The Visitor” – Short Story”

“The Productive Writer”

As I get closer to the point of publication, I’ve found myself diving into writing guides, manuals, and handbooks looking for the confidence I feel that I am lacking. I’ve decided to share that progress with you, my small but wonderful audience. This week, the book I am working through is “The Productive Writer” byContinue reading ““The Productive Writer””