A Covid Christmas Story

Now Available!

A Covid Christmas Story

A Holiday Contemporary Romance fiction novel.

About the book:

It’s December 2020, and the Michaels family is a disaster. The marriage is in shambles, the kids are a mess, it’s two weeks until Christmas, and the family has just been given a fourteen-day quarantine order after positive Covid tests. Being stuck in the house is no fun. As the two weeks count down, the family is forced to face a past trauma so powerful it splintered the family, leaving everyone in survival mode without realizing it.

The quarantine brings about serious illness, infidelity disclosures, and teenage rebellion, capped off with a blizzard that nearly costs one of them their life and changes everything forever. Either the family will learn to love each other again or cease to be a family forever. Amanda holds the keys to the future in her hands as she comes to terms with the woman she forced herself to be and the life that isn’t what she wanted. Will Josh help her find happiness again, or has too much damage already been done to save the family?

More details coming soon!

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