What I’m Reading…

My non-fiction book of the week is…

To be honest, I was a little leary about reading a book promoting being single. However, I highly recommend this book to anyone. So, I’m about halfway through right now, and this book is fantastic! Kim has a lot of insight into how we sabotage ourselves and our relationships, creating the downward spirals and codependency cycles most of us live in all our lives.

As I am trying to break the codependency cycle so I can be a better person, not only for me but for my children and family as well, I am seeking out books recommended to help me make sense of my past and the destructive habits I have adopted along the way through my traumatic life. I’m listening to the audiobook, read by the author, and it is fantastic. The author is a real person who has made monumental mistakes in his past and learned from them. He’s also a therapist, so he’s trained to know what he did wrong. The fact that he continues to learn and grow inspires me to do the same.

My fiction book of this week is…

#5 in the “Digital Dating” series, this book is the culmination of the pairing off of the Cunningham family as the mother, who lost her husband years before, finally finds love and completes the family’s transformation into a new chapter in their cumulative life.

The thing I love so far about these books is that it’s very clear from the beginning what the misunderstanding is going to be that causes the couple to break up, but the reader is helpless to stop it. Instead, you get to watch as both characters, and the side characters, bumble their way into making things so much worse before they reach a point where they have to stop and fix it.

Stay tuned this week for more creative writing, more upcoming project information, and more wallowing in existential dread. I look forward to seeing you there!

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Cathy Marie Bown

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I am a writer and student looking for my place in the digital world.

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