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Here are some projects that are currently in the works. Hopefully coming soon to a bookshelf or e-reader near you!

August 2022 – A Covid Christmas Story has reached the final stages of editing and will be self-published soon! I’m looking at an early October release.

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A Covid Christmas Story

Genre: Holiday/Contemporary Fiction

The Michaels’ family is a disaster. The marriage is in shambles, the kids are a mess, it’s two weeks until Christmas, and the family has just been given a fourteen day quarantine order. Being stuck in the house is no fun, and as the two weeks count down, the family finds themselves being forced to face the problems in the marriage, the rebellion of the children, and the identity of the family. Will the marriage survive? If it does, can they ever go back to the way they used to be? One thing is certain for this family. The two-week quarantine guarantees drastic changes for the family, whether they like it or not.

Second Chance (Tentative Title)

Genre: An Alternative Romance Novel

This novel has LGBTQ issues and characters, abuse scenes, and triggers. This book is not for the faint of heart looking for a typical happily ever after Christmas romance. Instead, this novel takes a gritty approach to real life issues and wraps them up in a happily ever after the characters never dared to dream was possible.

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Second Chance features Britney and Casey, two former lovers torn apart by violence. Ten years later, someone intervenes to bring them back together. Casey wants desperately to make amends but Britney is terrified of being hurt by him again. When Casey returns, it throws both of them into an unpleasant tailspin through memory lane, reliving terrible traumas and forcing them to come to terms with realities they cannot change. Annie, Britney’s best friend, gets caught in the middle of the storm but is harboring her own secrets. And, with Casey back in town, someone from their past wants to make good on a lethal promise from long ago. Can the three of them figure things out before it’s too late?

Family Secrets (Tentative Title)

Genre:Young Adult Novel

This novel is my MFA Thesis project and should be finished by 2023.

Photo by NEOSiAM 2020 on Pexels.com

Lauren just wanted to be a normal teenager but life got in her way. To cope, she turned to drugs and pills to numb the pain of her life and the secrets she’s been keeping. Then, an accident takes her parents, leaving her to either face her secrets or walk away from her three-year-old sister who needs her. It won’t be easy to become a mother after so many years of addiction, but if anyone can handle it, Lauren can. With her friends and long-forgotten family coming out of the woodwork to both help and hinder the task, Lauren cannot stop her family secrets from being revealed for everyone to see. Can she live with the consequences that brings or will she give up the only person left alive that she truly loves?

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