“Lanie’s Goodbye” – Short Story

Good morning readers! Today we are going to revisit “Magic Isn’t Real,” a short story I posted a few days ago. I played around with the night grandma went missing and created an extended scene for you to enjoy. I think I’m going to be playing around with this storyline and these characters a bitContinue reading ““Lanie’s Goodbye” – Short Story”

“Abandoned” – A Photo Prompt Short Story

Good morning readers!! I’m so excited to share another beautiful day with you! Digging into the vaults of my writing folders, I came across this contest entry from last January. It didn’t win but I thought it held some promise. What do you think? Abandoned By Cathy Bown Sixty years ago, my grandparents married inContinue reading ““Abandoned” – A Photo Prompt Short Story”

“Sammie” – A Short Story

Hello dear readers! Today I’m going to share another short story with you. “Mommy, I’m scared.” The angelic voice startled me. I had thought I was alone in the dark room. I didn’t bother turning on the light. It would only keep sleep farther away from me. Instead, I pulled the comforter closer to myContinue reading ““Sammie” – A Short Story”

“The Visitor” – Short Story

Happy Saturday, dear readers! I’m excited to share another day with you. Today, I want to share another short story from my microburst assignments. This one is Young Adult and a bit dystopian. Let me know what you think! The Visitor By Cathy Marie Bown Being dead felt amazing, Lorelei thought as she looked outContinue reading ““The Visitor” – Short Story”

“Survivor” – A Short Story

Today, I want to share another short story I wrote a few months ago. Readers beware, this story has some violent content. This is an adult story meant for an adult audience. Please proceed with the appropriate caution. Click.                 I felt the metal move against my temple before I heard the click of theContinue reading ““Survivor” – A Short Story”

Publication Round-Up

Over the last few years, I have had a handful of publications. I thought now would be a good time to do a publication round-up and gather all of the links into one post for readers to dive into. “Down the Country Road” Short Story- https://penmenreview.com/down-the-country-road/ This is my first published piece. Here we haveContinue reading “Publication Round-Up”

“Magic Isn’t Real” – A Short Story

Good morning! Today I’m going to share another microburst short story that I wrote recently. I am contemplating expanding this short story into a novel-length story. If you think I should, let me know when you’re done reading it! “Now Lanie,” my grandma said, “I need you to remember that magic isn’t real. Promise meContinue reading ““Magic Isn’t Real” – A Short Story”

“First Christmas” – A Short Story

Today, I want to post a short story I recently wrote featuring two characters from my upcoming novel, tentatively titled Second Chances. The novel will be a contemporary romance. I hope you all enjoy this sneak peek into my creative brain. Please let me know what you think! The dark green fir tree stood moreContinue reading ““First Christmas” – A Short Story”

The Last Tea Party – A Short Story

The Last Tea Party By Cathy Marie Bown             She walks into the playroom, with its pastel pink walls and lavender carpet, toys lining all of the walls in haphazard arrays. In the center of the room, the woman sets up ivory ceramic teacups, saucers, silverware, a sugar bowl, and a creamer pitcher. She strugglesContinue reading “The Last Tea Party – A Short Story”

Check out my short stories!

While on a break between undergraduate and graduate school, I’ve been doing quite a bit of writing. I’ve been exploring new platforms, new styles, and refining my normal writing methods. I’ve recently discovered a website called reedsyprompts. I’ve become a bit obsessed with the challenge of reading a prompt and writing a short story toContinue reading “Check out my short stories!”