Confused – A Poem

Something drew me to you,

right from the beginning.

Everyone around me

told me not to fall for you.

I wondered why they made me

keep my distance from you.

When we finally got together,

everything was so perfect,

but my friends kept telling me

to stay away, you’re trouble!

I just couldn’t bare to lose you,

didn’t wanna let you go.

In the end it hurt me

but we had to split apart.

Now, after all this time,

I realize I still love you.

I’m sorry I listened to them.

Please forgive my mistake.

I need you back in my life.

They had me so confused.

Written November 8, 1998.

I find it interesting to go back and revisit some of the things I wrote as a teenager. The emotions were so raw. At the time, I truly believed there could be nothing after the heartbreak of lost love. I wrote this particular piece about a guy I truly couldn’t imagine a world without. Twenty years later, I can see clearly the things I couldn’t see then. He was trouble, a womanizer who truly only wanted one thing from me. It hurt so much then to think that could be true. And yet, I’m so very glad I listened to my friends. I truly didn’t appreciate their advice at the time.

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