Book Cover Ideas

I’m working on a few different projects right now, given that my mind is everywhere and nowhere all at once. I know I need to write more every day, but depression is keeping me underwater, and to be honest, it’s hard to want to create anything.

Last night, I started playing around with a few book cover ideas for one of my projects. I’ve decided this one is going to take priority for a few weeks since it’s Halloween inspired, and that is my favorite time of the year. I need some inspiration. I need motivation. I need desire.

So, here is where you come in. I want to know what you think. Keep in mind these are just ideas, and the final cover will probably change. But, while I’m working on a story, I like to have rough ideas for the cover to keep my inspiration flowing.

Which one inspires you more? Which cover below makes you want to pick up the book? Which one delivers a clear message that this is a spooky but also an exciting book?


For this cover, I went with a spooky, witchy vibe. It’s clearly a darker book. I’m not entirely sold on this one since the book content will be both spooky and humorous. I do love the witchy aesthetics of this one and its simplicity.


I like the playful design of this one and its overall Halloween vibe. It doesn’t indicate what type of monsters we are about to visit, but it certainly invokes the atmosphere I am aiming for.


How about some fun blue tint? This one gives off Twilight vibes, and that is why I kinda love it.


This cover is simple and childlike. I love the black/orange contrast.

So, what do you guys think? Which one do you prefer and why? There is no time limit for giving me your opinion. Whenever this post finds you, drop me a comment and give me your opinion!

Until Next Time,

Cathy Marie Bown

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I am a writer and student looking for my place in the digital world.

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