I Voted!

Today’s the day when we MUST make our voices heard. I don’t care if both sides of the political atmosphere are garbage. This is the day when you decide who takes the least from you. It’s sad that this is what politics are in this country, yet the sad reality doesn’t stop the gears from moving. If you don’t vote, you have NO RIGHT to complain.

Our country should be PROTECTING our daughters, not endangering them and treating them as nothing more than breeding cattle. If you don’t like it, that’s too bad. I know for a fact that I am not alone on the pedestal when I scream that OLD RICH WHITE MEN have become the enemy of everyday citizens.

As a middle-aged white woman, I have less right to complain than many of my fellow Americans. But I stand for everyone when I say the way this country is moving is wrong. If they take away our right to abortion, they WILL take away our rights to freedom, and that affects everyone. You are a fool if you think the GAY population and minorities aren’t next. Everyone’s freedoms are on the chopping block when one category of citizens is targeted.

Keep in mind while you are worshipping celebrities and influencers that they play a role in this too. Men like Elon Musk use women as breeding factories because they have money. If you sell your soul for money, you can’t take it back. Women like Amy Coney Barett are a disgrace to women across the globe and should NOT be allowed to speak for the rest of us.

Let me make this very clear for anyone who might be confused. IF YOU WANT AN ABORTION, NOTHING AND NOBODY SHOULD STOP YOU. If you can buy a gun simply because you want one, you should be able to get a medical procedure. The Kardashians can change their ENTIRE BODY with surgery; you should be allowed to have an abortion, REGARDLESS OF WHY YOU WANT IT.

Nobody should have to JUSTIFY their reasons. PERIOD. It’s nobody else’s business why.

If you don’t like my attitude, please don’t follow me or talk to me. My life will be better without the negativity and hate.

Now, I will get off of my soapbox and back to my regularly scheduled life. I voted. You should too. Our grandmothers already fought this battle, and it’s a shame we have to fight it AGAIN.

Until Next Time,

Cathy Marie Bown

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