Here Comes Autumn…A Preview Of What’s To Come

If you know me at all, you know that fall is my favorite time of year. Halloween is my spirit holiday. Honestly, the months between August through December are my absolute favorite. I love leggings, sweaters, fuzzy socks, cozy blankets, and crisp fall air.

“Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree.”

– Emily BrontĂ«

While grocery shopping this week, I came across pumpkin shaped pasta and candy corn, which forced the autumn vibes to start flowing. Of course, I had already been trying to kick-start that flow since I’m working on a short story for a Halloween anthology contest.

The last rejection stung internally, so I haven’t entered a contest in a few months. I thought the story I had written was perfect, but the company I submitted to disagreed. Have you ever done something you thought was perfect only to have it destroyed through criticism? What a knock to my self-confidence. It’s time to get back on the horse or leave the pasture.

So I thought today I’d talk about some of the upcoming activities that I hope to take pictures of and post about. August is almost over and that means…my birthday is three days away. School starts for my two boys the next day, then we say goodbye to August and hello to September.

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September brings farmers markets, pumpkin patches, apple orchards, baking, back-to-school activities, and a few last hurrah summer activities. Locally, we have an amazing farmer’s market every Saturday and several farms nearby that host their own markets. We also have an abundance of pumpkin patches and apple orchards, so we have many options to explore fall activities and soak up the autumn atmosphere. September also brings a 1st birthday to my youngest granddaughter, Meadow.

One of the things I’m most excited about is fall baking. It’s been a few years since I did any exciting baking, but this year, with all three of the kids at school every day, I’m really hoping to dive back in and have fun. Baking an apple crisp and writing a few chapters sounds like a fantastic way to spend the day. I picked up a few new cookbooks this year with some great recipes I’m just dying to try. I look forward to sharing that here with you all!

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October brings the start of Halloween season, though I usually start decorating near my birthday because I love it so much! Costume shopping, holiday baking, a pleathora of Halloween movies to enjoy, and usually the first fire of the season in the woodburner. The outside air turns crisp and cool, prompting sweatshirts and jeans over shorts and t-shirts. And nothing beats a leaf pile for children to jump into. October is a big birthday month for grandkids, since my 2 oldest (Chandlor and Katarinah) have birthdays at the beginning of the month.

October will, with any luck and a fair amount of hard work, also be when my first novel is self-published and released to the public. It’s a Christmas book, so I want to have it available by the early holiday season. If not, I will probably make the super-hard decision to hold it over for another year. I do not want to do that, so fingers crossed I can get the editing done and put it out into the world for everyone to *hopefully* enjoy.

November brings the colder weather, but we don’t put the pumpkins away just yet. Thanksgiving is a huge deal in our family, and we spend days preparing food for epic feasts with several different families. Each year looks a little different, so I won’t know what this year looks like until its much closer to time. My oldest daughter turns 22 this year in November.

November also brings NaNoWriMo, a month-long writing event that I have attempted two years in a row, but failed both times. I am more determined than ever to make it through the event and reach the 50,000 word count goal. I will be using the month to work exclusively on my thesis novel for my MFA program.

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And then, December caps off 2022 with a flurry of holiday parties, baking, winter breaks from school, buying presents, and slowing down to enjoy family time. Some of the things I look forward to include curling up with Home Alone and all of the kids on the couch while we enjoy popcorn and hot chocolate, building snowmen, and enjoying summer memories at the YMCA while we play in the pool.

December also marks my 12th wedding anniversary. My husband and I have been together much longer. This always provides a time for reflecting on the years, the hopes and dreams we brought into this family, our aspirations for each other, and our desires for the future. This year, I don’t know what that will look like. Change is in the air already and I can’t say now how the rest of the year will shake out. I’m just going to try to be optomistic and hope the changes bring resolution to long-standing problems. After all, hope is what drives me forward every day. Hope is what gets me out of bed, into pants, and out into the world. Hope, and the promise of possibilities.

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Well, that was a flash fast forward of what the rest of my year looks like. My goal for this blog and the rest of the year is to put my DSLR camera to work and share as much of my activities with my readers as possible. I need to grow this blog beyond where it is now. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate every single one of my 80 followers, even if my posts are only read by a handful of those followers each time. I want to do more to share my world with you. I want to create a space where readers can glimpse into my life.

Maybe, someday when I have succeeded as a published author and make a bestsellers list, people will dig through my old posts looking for treasure. Maybe they will find it here. Maybe not. Who knows. The future is undecided, but exciting. Things can change in an instant and what is important today could mean nothing tomorrow.

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Right now, though, dear readers, I treasure you and can’t wait to share more of my world with you. Look for all of these things, plus lots of information on my book as I get closer to releasing it, right here and on my social media platforms. Feel free to subscribe if you want to be included in my newsletter. It’s in a very rough stage right now, and I’ve only sent out one. I don’t anticipate sending more than one or two a month as things get more exciting and I get closer to seeing my book on bookstore shelves.

Until the next time we meet,

Cathy Bown

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