Our faces of Autism

Being a guardian and primary caretaker of a toddler with autism is hard. No matter what anyone says or does, it is hard. Some days are really easy. Some days are hard. And some days are impossible.

I love this little girl. She is absolutely amazing! Sometimes she is dramatic…

…Sometimes she is happy…

…Sometime she is playful…

…Sometimes she is too sleepy to continue to play…

…And then there is difiant and angry.

She has so many different moods and faces. Each day is a journey through nearly all of them. She doesn’t really talk much, but she tries. She’s learning sign language and she’s learning English. But some days, she refuses to use any of it. But she still communicates with us through her facial expressions.

She is participating in the Birth-to-Three program and has a therapist come to our home for weekly interventions. She just got accepted into the children’s long-term support waiver program. We are hopeful that early intervention will allow her to grow up and be a productive and fully functional part of society.

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