Blame It On El Nino – A Playful Poem

As I was going through my writing folders today, I found this poem from 1998, when I was 14 years old. We had days of rain due to an El Nino storm. I’d never heard of such a thing before. Also, I was deep in a Shel Silverstein fueled haze, hence the comical and playful tone this poem takes on. Additionally, when I wrote this poem I was supposed to be cleaning my Grandma Margie’s house but the rain was making me anxious so I really wasn’t getting much done. I took a writing break and then finished the chores. It’s obviously very juvenile, but I’ve posted quite a bit of dark and gloomy work lately so I wanted to take a brief break from that and the bleakness of the world right now. I hope you can enjoy the playfulness here and take a moment away from life’s seriousness! Here we go!!!

Mom, I can’t go to school today!

El Nino is on it’s way!

It’s gonna rain a million years!

It’s gonna be like your worst fears!

They shut down the stores in town!

What’s that you say? I still must go?!

But what if it begins to snow?

And what if I get swept away?

And what if I get burried in clay?

How could you send me out in that?

What if I get attacked by a bat?

They’re here, you know, it’s sad to say,

El Nino sent them up this way!

El Nino is ruining our lives!

Look! It made me break out in hives!

How could you be so cruel to me?

People everywhere are starting to flee!

El Nino is coming to town!

What if it chooses to hang around?

What?! I still have to go?

Ok, Ok, I’ll not stoop that low.

El Nino came mom, I told you so!

It gobbled me up, but you made me go!

If I’d stayed home, maybe i’d be alive!

El Nino caused the waves to rise and dive!

Oh! If only I had stayed home!

I wouldn’t be hiding in this dome!

As I told you once, my dear mom,

El Nino came and I died just like Tom!

El Nino came and tore all around!

El Nino came and tore up the town!

April 8, 1998

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