This is a poem I wrote on January 25, 1999. As I re-read it today, I realized how much it resonates with me in the world we live in. As I look around me when I go out, I see fear, anger, outrage, and disgust. I want to share this poem with you because I think it will resonate with you as well.

Alone, I stand

In the midst of the faces

With nothing but fear.

Everyone is strange.

Everything has changed,

And left me in solitude.

All the new faces look,

And see a lost soul.

A soul which does not love,

Or feel pain, or weep tears.

A soul lost in the faces,

Lost in the crowd.

No one to hold,

No one to love.

I stand alone

In the faceless crowd.

They cannot see inside,

Cannot understand anything.

Faceless people in a nameless crowd.

Yet still alone, I stand.

Published by cathymariebown

I am a writer and student looking for my place in the digital world.

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