What I’m Reading

I’m a big fan of Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight Saga. I have been eagerly awaiting Midnight Sun for awhile now and I am happy to finally have a hardcover copy to devour and add to my collection. My adoration for this series comes from a deep love of all things vampire and spooky. I cut my reading teeth on Stephen King a long time ago. Despite the softer side of vampires being on display in this series, I love the playful yet protective nature they capture, the true definition of devotion to each other. And there is the added bonus of werewolves!

It’s been quite a year for Young Adult readers. I am excited to follow the newest addition to the Twilight Saga on my reading list with the Hunger Games Prequel. In fact, The Hunger Games is the trilogy that got me interested in writing my own YA dystopian trilogy. I’m currently in the earliest stages of putting that dream onto paper. I look forward to sharing more on that project in the near future.

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